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Circulars 2002

Circular 29/02 (doc, 41 kb)
Arrangements for the Payment of Holiday Pay to Short Term Temporary Unqualified Primary School Teachers
Circular 28/02 (doc, 34 kb)
An Scrúdú Le hAghaidh Cáilíochta Sa Ghaeilge
Circular 27/02 (doc, 50 kb)
Allowance for Mainstream Class Teacher in Two Teacher Schools
Circular 26/02 (doc, 66 kb)
2002 Teacher Fee Refund Scheme
Circular 25/02 (doc, 30 kb)
Release Time for Principal Teachers in Primary Schools
Circular 24/02 (doc, 37 kb)
Determination of Valid Enrolment in Primary Schools
Circular 22/02 (pdf, 125 kb)
Appeals Procedures under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998
Circular 19/02 (doc, 41 kb)
Appeals Board for Mainstream Staffing in Primary Schools
Circular 17/02 (doc, 29 kb)
Payment of an Honours Primary Allowance to Recognised Teachers Who Hold a Third Class Honours Degree
Circular 16/02 (doc, 37 kb)
Aid for School Books Grant Scheme
Circular 15/02 (doc, 44 kb)
Capitation Grants for 2001/2002 School Year
Circular 14/02 (doc, 25 kb)
Irish Primary Principals' Network
Circular PEN 14/02 (doc, 94 kb)
Early Retirement Scheme for Teachers, Retirement at the End of the 2002/2003 School Year
Circular 13/02 (doc, 76 kb)
National Drugs Strategy 2001 – 2008: Building on Experience
Circular 12/02 (pdf, 58 kb)
Seniority of Teachers – Amendment to Circular 50/97
Circular 11/02 (doc, 44 kb)
Circular 09/02 (doc, 68 kb)
Regulations Governing the Appointment and Retention of Teachers in Primary Schools for the School Year 2002/2003
Circular SpEd 08/02 (pdf, 80 kb)
Applications for Full-time or Part-time Resource Teacher Support to Address the Special Education Needs of Children with Disabilities
Circular SpEd 07/02 (pdf, 45 kb)
Applications for Full-time or Part-time Special Needs Assistant Support to Address the Special Care Needs of Children with Disabilities
Circular 05/02 (pdf, 130 kb)
School Development Planning
Circular 02/02 (doc, 60 kb)
1. Eligibility Criteria for Appointment as Principal Teacher in Primary and Special Schools
2. Change to the Procedure for the Assessment of Eligibility of Applicants for Principal Teachers
3. Change to the Procedure for the Notification of Teachers
Circular 01/02 (pdf, 307 kb)
Payment of Travelling Expenses to Rural BTC Coordinators, Learning Support and Resource Teachers


The following circulars are currently unavailable in electronic format from the Department of Education and Skills:

24/02 Post Graduate Training Programme leading to the Higher Diploma in Special Educational Needs
21/02 Supervision in Respect of Mid-morning and Lunch Time Breaks for the School Year
20/02 1)    Changeover to Personal Public Service Number as the Key Identifier for Contact with the Department;
2)    Change to Fortnightly Payroll for Substitute Teachers;
3)    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Facility for Payment of Teachers' Salaries
18/02 Pilot Project for Irish-Canadian Teacher Exchange Programme
Letter 2002/04 Department of Education and Science Child Protection Guidelines and Procedures
Letter 2002/03 Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in Special Education
Letter 2002/02 Free Membership of Libraries for all Primary School Pupils
Letter 2002/01 Re: Calculators:  Guidelines for Second-Level Schools
10/02 National Programme of Training in *Learning Support for Teachers of First and Second Level Pupils
*(Formerly Remedial Education)
06/02 Grant Towards the Purchase of Curricular Equipment and Materials for National Schools
Letter PEN 05/02 Purchase of Notional Service (for Superannuation Purposes), by Job-sharers
04/02 Scheme of Bursaries for Primary Principals
03/02 Special Leave under the Terms of Rule 116