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Circulars 2009

Circular 0069/2009 (pdf, 60 kb)
Cost Limits for Primary School Buildings
November 2009
Circular 0067/2009 (pdf, 79 kb)
Rates of Pay for Part-Time Teachers 2008/2009 - Reconciliation of Payments for Part Time Hours 2008/2009
November 2009
Circular 0066/2009 (pdf, 31 kb)
Vaccination Programme for all Children and School Staff against Pandemic (H1N1) 2009
November 2009
Circular 0064/2009 (pdf, 44 kb)
Implementation of full metered water charges from 1 January 2010
November 2009
Circular 0062/2009 (pdf, 200 kb)
Travel Pass Scheme for Teachers and Special Needs Assistants (Tax Saver Commuter Tickets)
October 2009
Circular 0060/2009 (pdf, 68 kb)
Revised procedures in relation to professional competence issues and general disciplinary matters
September 2009
Circular 0057/2009 (pdf, 114 kb)
SWS 1 - Application Form
Circular 0057/2009 (pdf, 205 kb)
Water Conservation Measures
Circular 0057/2009 (pdf, 256 kb)
Summer Works Scheme 2010
October 2009
Circular 0054/2009 (doc, 96 kb)
Cycle to Work Scheme
September 2009
Circular 0052/2009 (pdf, 26 kb)
Revised arrangements for Teachers and Special Needs Assistants liable for Class A PRSI contributions who propose to take Maternity Leave / Adoptive leave
September 2009
Circular 0047/2009 (doc, 75 kb)
Sourcing Information on and Responding to Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 within Primary and Post-Primary Schools
August 2009
Circular 0046/2009 (pdf, 68 kb)
Home Tuition Scheme 2009/2010
August 2009
Circular 0045/2009 (doc, 57 kb)
Substitute cover for registered teachers employed in primary schools – Arrangements for the 2009/2010 School Year
July 2009
Circular 0040/2009 (doc, 31 kb)
Clarification regarding legitimate use of capitation funding
June 2009
Circular 0037/2009 (doc, 39 kb)
Notification of Transitional Arrangements being put in place in relation to the outcome of the review of all Special Needs Assistant posts in primary, special and post-primary schools by the National Council for Special Education
June 2009
Circular 0036/2009 (doc, 78 kb)
New Arrangements for the Payment of Part Time Learning Support/Resource, Resource and Language Support Teachers from 1 September 2009.
June 2009
Circular 0035/2009 (doc, 32 kb)
Extra Personal Vacation (EPV)
June 2009
Circular 0032/2009 (pdf, 68 kb)
2008 Teacher Fee Refund Scheme
June 2009
Circular 29/09 (doc, 43 kb)
Transmission of Micro Organisms
Circular 0024/2009 (doc, 97 kb)
Arrangements for the 2009/2010 School Year in Relation to Learning Support/Resource Teacher (LS/RT) posts, Resource Teacher (RT) Posts and associated part time hours
March 2009
Clarification of Circular 0022/2009 (doc, 31 kb)
The DES has issued a document clarifying the interpretation of Circular 0022/2009.
May 2009
Circular 0022/2009 (doc, 37 kb)
Implementation of Moratorium on Promotions in the Public Service
March 2009
Circular 0015/2009 (doc, 91 kb)
Meeting the needs of pupils learning English as an Additional Language (EAL)
March 2009
Circular 0009/2009 (doc, 37 kb)
Review of all Special Needs Assistant posts in primary, special and post-primary schools by the National Council for Special Education
March 2009
Circular 0007/2009 (doc, 77 kb)
Graduate Certificate in the Education of Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) for teachers working with pupils with ASD in Special Schools, Special Classes or as Resource Teachers in mainstream Primary and Post-Primary Schools – 2009/2010
February 2009
Circular 0006/2009 (doc, 181 kb)
Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development in Special Educational Needs (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) for Teachers
February 2009
Circular 0005/2009 (doc, 311 kb)
Combined Post-Graduate Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers involved in Learning Support and Special Education - 2009/2010
February 2009
Circular 0002/2009 (doc, 245 kb)
Regulations Governing the Appointment and Retention of Teachers in Primary Schools for the School Year 2009/2010
February 2009
NCSE 01/09 (pdf, 355 kb)
Information and Guidelines for Primary Schools and Special Schools in Processing Applications for Resources for Pupils with Special Educational Needs
March 2009