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Circulars 2011

Circular 0072/2011 (pdf, 147 kb)
Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures for Special Needs Assistants in Recognised Primary and Post-Primary Schools
Circular 0071/2011 (pdf, 107 kb)
Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement - Special Needs Assistant
December 2011
Circular 0070/2011 (pdf, 21 kb)
Payment of Qualification Allowances to Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools
December 2011
Circular 0066/2011 (pdf, 49 kb)
Initial Steps in the Implementation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (Gaelscoileanna and Gaeltacht)
December 2011
Circular 0065/2011 (pdf, 402 kb)
Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools
September 2011
Circular 0064/2011 (pdf, 116 kb)
Election of New Boards of Management of Primary Schools
September 2011
Circular 0062/2011 (pdf, 243 kb)
Travel Pass Scheme for 2012 (Tax Saver Commuter Tickets)
September 2011
Circular 0061/2011 (pdf, 30 kb)
Important Public Health Warning - Measles
September 2011
Circular 0056/2011 (pdf, 146 kb)
Initial Steps in the Implementation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy
Circular 0053/2011 (pdf, 57 kb)
Limited alleviation of moratorium on filling of Posts of Respon´╗┐siblity
August 2011
Circular 0050/2011 (pdf, 86 kb)
Home Tuition Scheme 2011/2012
August 2011
Circular 0047/2011 (pdf, 83 kb)
Probationary Requirements for Registration Purposes for Primary Teachers
August 2011
Circular 0046/2011 (pdf, 35 kb)
JobBridge National Internship Scheme
October 2011
Circular 0045/2011 (pdf, 42 kb)
Minimum Notice Period for Retirement
July 2011
Circular 0042/2011 (pdf, 31 kb)
Staffing Arrangements in Special Schools
June 2011
Circular 0041/2011 (pdf, 199 kb)
New Pay Scales for New Special Needs Assistants in 2011
June 2011
Circular 0040/2011 (pdf, 204 kb)
New Pay Scales for New Appointees to Teaching in 2011´╗┐
June 2011
Circular 0037/2011 (pdf, 555 kb)
Revised Arrangements for the Provision of Resource Teaching Supports for the 2011/12 school year.
May 2011
Circular 0036/2011 (pdf, 284 kb)
Cycle to Work Scheme
June 2011
Circular 0034/2011 (pdf, 85 kb)
Standardisation of the School Year in respect of Primary & Post-Primary Schools for the years 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14
May 2011
Circular 0031/2011 (pdf, 209 kb)
Teacher Recruitment Registration and Qualifications
May 2011
Circular 0030/2011 (pdf, 330 kb)
Arrangements for the 2011/2012 School Year in Relation to Learning Support/Resource Teacher (LS/RT) and Resource Teacher (RT) Posts – Full and Part-time Posts
May 2011
Circular 0028/2011 (pdf, 47 kb)
Revised Promotion Procedures for Appointment to Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal and Special Duties Teacher in Recognised Primary Schools
May 2011
Circular Letter 0023/2011 (pdf, 29 kb)
Allocation to schools for books
March 2011
Circular 0021/2011 (pdf, 31 kb)
Educational Qualifications for Appointment as Special Needs Assistant in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools
March 2011
Circular 0020/2011 (pdf, 52 kb)
Circular to the management authorities of national schools on the assessment of need process under the Disability Act 2005
March 2011
Circular 0019/2011 (pdf, 186 kb)
Notification to all primary schools about the staffing schedule for the 2011/2012 school year, arrangements for filling teaching posts and the redeployment/panel arrangements.
March 2011
Circular Letter 0018/2011 (pdf, 253 kb)
Scheme of capital grants for emergency works
March 2011
Circular 0017/2011 (pdf, 62 kb)
Revised arrangements for the provision of teaching supports to Traveller students
March 2011
Circular 0016/2011 (pdf, 96 kb)
Revised Rates of Pay in Respect of Supervision/Substitution for the 2010/2011 School Year
January 2011
Circular Letter 012/2011 (pdf, 292 kb)
Teacher fee refund scheme
February 2011
Circular 0011/2011 (pdf, 111 kb)
Maternity protection entitlements for registered teachers
February 2011
Circular 0010/2011 (pdf, 53 kb)
Career break scheme for registered teachers
February 2011
Circular 0008/2011 (pdf, 79 kb)
Implementation of the Croke Park Agreement
January 2011
Circular 0007/2011 (pdf, 49 kb)
Public health advice to schools from the Health Service Executive on the seasonal influenza
January 2011
Circular 0006/2011 (pdf, 21 kb)
Revised arrangements for SNA allocation
January 2011
Circular 0003/2011 (pdf, 116 kb)
Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development in Special Educational Needs (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) for Teachers
January 2011
Circular 0002/2011 (pdf, 112 kb)
Graduate Certificate in the Education of Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) for teachers working with Students with ASDs in Special Schools, Special Classes or as Resource Teachers in mainstream Primary and Post-Primary Schools – 2011/2012
January 2011
Circular 0001/2011 (pdf, 213 kb)
Combined Post-Graduate Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers involved in Learning Support and Special Education – 2011/2012
January 2011
NCSE Circular 04/11 (doc, 458 kb)
Amendment to NCSE Guidelines to Schools - 01/11 & 02/11
April 2011