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Circulars 2015

Circular 0084/2015 (pdf, 598 kb)
Policy and Procedures for dealing with the recovery of Overpayments of Salary or Pension December 2015
Circular 0076/2015 (pdf, 554 kb)
Revision of Pay Rates from 1 January 2016 for School Secretaries, Caretakers and Cleaners employed by the Boards of Management of Recognised Primary Schools using Ancillary Services Grant funding and Revised Rates of Ancillary Services Grant December 2015
Circular 0075/2015 (pdf, 604 kb)
Job sharing scheme for registered teachers in recognised primary and post-primary schools December 2015
Circular 0066/2015 (pdf, 484 kb)
Revision of Salaries for Teachers with effect from 1 January 2016 and Revision of Pension-related Deduction with effect from 2015 December 2015
Circular 0061/2015 (pdf, 403 kb)
Primary Language Curriculum/Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile - Infants to Second Class November 2015
Circular 0058/2015 (pdf, 621 kb)
Panel access for fixed-term/temporary (this includes substitute) and part-time teachers to the Supplementary Redeployment Panel for the 2016/17 school year November 2015
Circular 0056/2015 (pdf, 327 kb)
Use of Central Procurement Arrangements put in place by the Office of Government Procurement. October 2015
Circular 0055/2015 (pdf, 640 kb)
Summer Work Scheme 2016 & 2017. October 2015
Circular 0053/2015 (pot, 691 kb)
Sick Leave Scheme for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools October 2015
Circular 0052/2015 (pdf, 360 kb)
Election of new Boards of Management of Primary Schools September 2015
Circular 0050/2015 (pdf, 625 kb)
Primary Online Database - Special Schools September 2015
Primary Online Database - Special SchoolsPrimary Online Database - Special Schools
Circular 0045/2015 (pdf, 388 kb)
Travel Pass Scheme (Tax Saver Commuter Tickets) 2016 August 2015
Circular 0044/2015 (pdf, 359 kb)
HSE Primary School Vaccination Programme 2015/2016 August 2015
Circular 0042/2015 (pdf, 423 kb)
Implementation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (2011-2020) July 2015
Circular 0041/2015 (pdf, 774 kb)
Recruitment of Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) - Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for the 2015/16 school year. June 2015
Circular 0039/2015 (pdf, 296 kb)
Cost Limits for Primary School Buildings June 2015
Circular 0038/2015 (pdf, 462 kb)
Home Tuition Scheme 2015 /2016 – Special Education Component June 2015
Circular 0033/2015 (pdf, 331 kb)
Updating and simplifying the manner  in which schools can maintain pupil enrolment  and attendance records (Clárleabhar, Leabhar Rolla and Leabhar Tinrimh Laethúil )  following the introduction of the Primary Online Database (POD). May 2015 
Circular 0032/2015 (pdf, 528 kb)

Use of live animals for scientific, educational or other purposes in schools.

May 2015

Circular 0030/2015 (pdf, 218 kb)
Allocation to schools for books May 2015
Circular 0027/2015 (pdf, 406 kb)
Information in relation to Actions under the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Standardised Testing, Reporting, Library Support and Other Matters Academic Year 2014/15 and Subsequent Years. April 2015
Circular 0026/2015 (pdf, 503 kb)
Advance preparation for the commencement of statutory requirements for Garda vetting under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 Keypoints of 0026/2015 FAQ: 0026/2015 April 2015
Circular 0025/2015 (pdf, 512 kb)
Primary Online Database See also: Fair Processing Notice to explain how the personal data of pupils in primary schools on the Primary Online Database (POD) will be recorded, processed and shared. April 2015
Circular 0023/2015 (pdf, 369 kb)
Implementation of the recommendations of the Expert Group on Fixed Term and Part Time Employment in Recognised Primary Schools March 2015
Circular 0017/2015 (pdf, 298 kb)
Teacher Exchange Scheme for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary Schools February 2015
Circular 0015/2015 (pdf, 535 kb)
Revised Payment Mechanism for Casual and Non-Casual Teachers with effect from the Commencement of the 2015/16 School Year - Cessation of “Rolled-up Holiday Pay”. February 2015
Circular 0012/2015 (pdf, 278 kb)
Further Extension to the ‘Grace Period’ for Superannuation Benefits in respect of Clerical Officers and Caretakers employed in National Schools under the 1978/79 Scheme. February 2015
Circular 0009/2015 (pdf, 452 kb)
Payment of Travel Expenses to GAM/EAL (Learning / Language Support) and Resource Teachers in Recognised Primary Schools.
February 2015
Circular 0008/2015 (pdf, 623 kb)
Teacher Fee Refund Scheme January 2015
Circular 0005/2015 (pdf, 572 kb)
Staffing arrangements in Primary Schools for the 2015/16 school year. February 2015
FAQs on Circular 0005/2015 (pdf, 135 kb)
Staffing arrangements in Primary Schools for the 2015/16 school year February 2015
Circular 0003/2015 (pdf, 724 kb)
Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers working with Students with Special Educational Needs (Autistic Spectrum Disorders). January 2015
Circular 0002/2015 (pdf, 715 kb)
Graduate Certificate in the Education of Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) for teachers working with Students with ASDs in Special Schools, Special Classes or as Resource Teachers in mainstream Primary and Post-Primary Schools – 2015/2016. January 2015
Circular 0001/2015 (pdf, 921 kb)
Combined Post-Graduate Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers involved in Learning Support and Special Education – 2015/2016. January 2015