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Circulars 2019

Circular 0034/2019 (pdf, 692 kb)
Revision of Capitation Grant Rates for recognised Primary Schools in 2019
June 2019
Circular 0027/2019 (pdf, 699 kb)
Multi-Annual Summer Works Scheme (SWS) 2020 Onwards
April 2019
Circular 0026/2019 (pdf, 958 kb)
Information in relation to Standardised Testing and Other Matters, Academic Year 2018/19 and Subsequent Years
April 2019
Circular 0022/2019 (pdf, 350 kb)
Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2020 (Haddington Road Agreement/Lansdowne Road Agreement) Revision of 2011 Entrant Teacher Salaries WEF 1 March 2019 - Application of Additional Increments
March 2019
Circular 0021/2019 (pdf, 329 kb)
Application of additional increments awarded in relation to New Entrants under the Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2020 (Haddington Road Agreement/Lansdowne Road Agreement)
March 2019
Circular 0020/2019 (pdf, 475 kb)
Release Time for Principal Teachers in Primary Schools (application form included)
February 2019
Circular 0019/2019 (pdf, 566 kb)
Staffing arrangements in Primary Schools for the 2019/20 school year
February 2019
Circular 0018/2019 (pdf, 434 kb)
Grant Scheme for ICT Infrastructure – 2018/2019 SCHOOL YEAR
March 2019
Circular 0017/2019 (pdf, 648 kb)
Teacher Fee Refund Scheme 2018
February 2019
Circular 0016/2019 (pdf, 861 kb)
Home School Community Liaison Scheme: Assignment of Home School Community Liaison Coordinators within DEIS schools
February 2019
Circular 0011/2019 (pdf, 1,035 kb)
Invitation to Primary and Post-Primary Schools in Gaeltacht Language-Planning Areas to Consider Joining the Gaeltacht School Recognition Scheme in 2019.
February 2019
Circular 0009/2019 (pdf, 1,113 kb)
Policy on Gaeltacht Education 2017-2022 Primary Schools and Special Schools in Gaeltacht Language-Planning Areas Participating in the Gaeltacht School Recognition Scheme.
February 2019
Circular 0007/2019 (pdf, 544 kb)
Special Education Teaching Allocation
February 2019
Circular 0006/2019 (pdf, 705 kb)
Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers working with Students with Special Educational Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder).
February 2019
Circular 0005/2019 (pdf, 720 kb)
Graduate Certificate in the Education of Pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for teachers working with Pupils with ASD in Special Schools, Special Classes or as Special Education Teachers in mainstream Primary and Post-Primary Schools, 2019/2020.
February 2019
Circular 0004/2019 (pdf, 999 kb)
Post-Graduate Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Special Education Teachers, 2019/2020.
February 2019
Circular 0001/2019 (pdf, 575 kb)
Special Leave for teachers who are members of Voluntary Search and Rescue Organisations and are called out on a Search and Rescue Operation.
January 2019