Frequently asked questions

The full terms and conditions for teachers’ Domestic Violence Leave are set out in circular 59/2023.
Up to five days of Domestic Violence Leave is available, over a twelve-month period.
The leave is available to a teacher who is a victim of domestic violence, or a teacher who is supporting a relevant person who is a victim of domestic violence.

For the purpose of availing of this leave, a relevant person would be:

  • the spouse or civil partner of the teacher
  • the cohabitant of the teacher;
  • a person with whom the teacher is in an intimate relationship;
  • a child of the teacher who has not attained full age; or
  •  person who, in relation to the teacher, is a dependent person.

Domestic Violence may be taken in order for the teacher, or a relevant person being supported by a teacher, to:

  • seek medical attention;
  • obtain services from a victim services organisation;
  • obtain psychological or other professional counselling;
  • relocate residence temporarily or permanently;
  • obtain an order from a court under the Domestic Violence Act 2018;
  • seek advice or assistance from a legal practitioner;
  • seek assistance from the Garda Síochána; or
  • seek or obtain any other relevant services.

Domestic Violence Leave is paid, and is reckonable service for pension and incremental progression.
Yes, substitute cover is available for all absences on Domestic Violence Leave.
The approval of the teacher’s employer is required for Domestic Violence Leave. There is an application form at Appendix A of circular 59/2023, and this should be submitted to the employer as soon as is practical prior to, or after, availing of the leave.
There is no requirement to provide supporting documentation when applying for Domestic Violence Leave.
The OLCS has not yet been updated with the leave category Domestic Violence Leave. Interim arrangements for recording Domestic Violence Leave, by emailing the Department of Education, are outlined at part 6.3 of the circular.
An absence on Domestic Violence Leave will not be noted on a teacher’s payslip.
If a teacher is already absent on another form of leave, Domestic Violence Leave cannot be granted in place of that leave.
Teachers in fixed-term or non-casual substitute contracts will have access to five days of Domestic Violence Leave.

Non-casual substitute teachers will need to submit a Substitute for a Substitute form to claim salary for these absences.

Employers are required to adhere strictly to confidentiality requirements in relation to employer-employee matters.
Schools should handle and process the request for Domestic leave with the upmost confidentiality.

INTO has sought guidance to be issued to schools.

At Appendix B of circular 59/2023, the DE have provided contact details for support service providers.

The Employee Assistance Service, provided by Spectrum Life, can provide advice and support to teachers, and where appropriate can refer teachers for short-term counselling. The confidential helpline for this service is 1800 411 057.