INTO Solidarity Fund

INTO members contribute to the INTO Solidarity Fund through their membership subscriptions. Your money is used to support the development of educational facilities in developing countries and ensures that the most vulnerable children in these countries receive an education. There are 113 million children of primary school age not enrolled in schools worldwide, millions more are taught by untrained and underpaid teachers in overcrowded, unhealthy and ill-equipped classrooms.

Aims and Objectives

The INTO Solidarity Fund is committed to funding pre-primary or primary school related projects which are part of a recognised Charity, Development Agency or Missionary, Society or Trade Union Group. The aim of the INTO Solidarity Fund is to improve the livelihoods of
extremely poor women, men and children and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by increasing access to quality education.
The solidarity fund provides capital expenditure for the construction of schools, classrooms, libraries, school toilets. The provision of school furniture, equipment and textbooks, the training and professional development of teachers and payment of their salaries and curriculum development projects. As a minimum standard, education results in sufficient levels of literacy and numeracy enables people to lift themselves out of absolute poverty and continue to improve their lives.

Apply for Funding

The INTO work with a range of agencies and charities to achieve carefully devised development plans to benefit some of the world’s poorest children. There are rigorous controls and safeguards in place to ensure the money is used to meet the objectives of the fund.
You can apply for funding by downloading the application form below or contact Georgina Glackin at (01) 804 7745, and send it to: The General Treasurer, INTO Head Office, 35 Parnell Square, Dublin 1.
A sub-committee of the Central Executive Committee assess each application at their monthly meetings and are responsible for decisions on grants from the solidarity fund.

Feedback to INTO

It is a standard INTO requirement to seek a report from applicants detailing the expenditure and feedback in relation to the progress of their projects. Details of grants from the solidarity fund will be highlighted on the INTO website shortly and articles and photographs will be published in InTouch.

INTO Global Solidarity Network

Sign up today by simply emailing the following information to INTO Head Office Official, John O’Brien at Name; Email Address; School and Branch; Mobile number (optional).

Anyone who has done or is interested in doing volunteer work in developing countries or if you have an interest in education, trade, development and justice issues in the developing world, you can keep up to date with news on these matters. You will be able to get general updates on the range of activities your colleagues are pursuing within the aegis of the INTO Solidarity Fund, and also get involved in  campaigns which INTO will occasionally be involved in.

Visit the Global Solidarity website for more information.

INTO Member’s Solidarity Fund Application Form (PDF)