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News Archive 2015

LGBT Inclusion Week 2015

Across Northern Ireland thousands of young LGB&T young people challenge prejudice by simply walking out their front door, and by doing so they challenge society to promote their inclusion. As part of LGBT Awareness Week some of these young people, are inviting you to walk in their shoes just for one night.

The idea behind the event is to allow professionals (teachers, youth workers etc) to experience putting themselves in the shoes of and LGB or T young person in various ‘real life’ situations exploring how that feels. 

The RADAR Centre venue is Northern Ireland’s first fully interactive, safety and life skills education centre. You can view their website here:  

Several young people’s LGB&T groups will be hosting workshops at the event and participants should be able to experience about 6-8 workshops on different themes and in different areas of the Centre. The event should be a really unique experience, allowing participants to explore LGB&T issues in a safe and visual way. 

For full details of the event please download the TUFP Conference 2016.

Date: Tuesday, 28 April 15