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News Archive 2016

Joint Union Action: Tuesday 8 November

The 4 teacher unions [INTO, UTU, ATL and NAHT] acting together have agreed to a series of actions to draw attention to and raise awareness of the pathetic pay offer made to teachers by the managing authorities. Our first joint action will be on Tuesday 8thNovember 2016 when teacher union members in schools are asked to come together and demonstrate at the school gates - at lunchtime for post-primary schools and at end of school for primary schools, to highlight the insulting pay offer and how lack of funding is impacting on the Education Service.

For full details of the upcoming joint union action please read our LETTER TO ALL MEMBERS published this week.


School Gate Protests on 8 November 2016:

INTO Press Release

List of Picketing Schools

Flyers for Distribution at School Gates


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Date: Friday, 28 October 16