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News Archive 2017

Strike Action 18th January 2017

CLICK HERE for full details of our industrial action campaign including a SAMPLE LETTER to parents re: the strike action

CLICK HERE to download 2017 BULLETIN No.1: STRIKE ACTION: Wednesday 18 January 2017


Information for Teachers & Principals


INTO members will take strike action on Wednesday 18th January 2017.  INTO members will picket their schools on the morning of January 18th and therefore be unavailable for work until 12:30 pm on this date. 

In advance of the action on January 18th Principals will seek to make informed decisions around health and safety issues and to communicate advice to parents. They may seek members’ support in this and members may, out of courtesy, choose to assist their Principals however no member can be compelled to confirm attendance or confirm union membership. 

Members will be available for work from 12:30 on January 18th. Members are not required to and should refuse to perform any duties whatsoever until this time.

Members may picket outside the gates of their school and should take care to ensure that:

  • Ideally, picketing takes place at or near their place of work at the school gates.
  • Picketing is carried out in a manner that neither brings themselves nor INTO into disrepute.

 At 12:30pm on January 18th members will return to work and continue with their normal teaching duties.


The operational decisions regarding the school rests with the Principal.  All INTO members will be available for work, as per normal practice, from 12:30pm on January 18th.  

Members of staff are not under any legal obligation to advise you if they intend to participate in the strike action.

If you are of the view that an appropriate level of supervision/assistance or support cannot be provided or that there may be health and safety issues you should inform parents/guardians at the earliest opportunity that the children, should not attend school on that day until 12:30pm on January 18th.

The provision of home to school transport and school meals will be important considerations for many pupils, parents and schools. Decisions regarding these should be considered in the light of the individual circumstances of the pupils and school. Alternative arrangements regarding provision or times may need to be made. 

We would urge principals to make these arrangements as soon as possible.

Date: Tuesday, 10 January 17