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NITC Response to the Anti-bullying Initiative


24 June 2019

NITC Response to the Anti-bullying Initiative

Implementation of the Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (NI) 2016

NITC has received wide-ranging concerns associated with the implementation of this legislation, emanating principally from the statutory guidance for schools and governors.

At present, NITC considers the use of this guidance and the proposed implementation of the Act to be a new initiative with significant workload implications for members as well as significant risks.

Teachers’ unions have stated that their members will not be employing this initiative as they consider it has not been workload assessed.

Therefore, Governors should be advised that schools are unable to implement any part of this initiative or participate in training for the implementation of the initiative. 

All schools are already bound by long-standing statute to have safeguarding at the heart of their operations and NITC supports the effective anti-bullying procedures which already exist.  The implementation of new statutory guidance should be suspended, and existing procedures adhered to until the statutory guidance has been agreed with NITC.

Date: Monday, 24 June 19