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Ballot on Industrial Action 29/02/16

Primary teachers ballot on industrial action this week

Monday, 29 February 2016

Press Release
Sheila Nunan
General Secretary
Irish National Teachers’ Organisation

Primary teachers ballot on industrial action this week.

Members of the primary teachers union the INTO will this week cast ballots in a vote on industrial action on the promotion ban in schools and increasing workload. The ballot will be held at specially convened union branch meetings this week.

In the ballot teachers are being urged to vote yes by the union’s executive which called the ballot. If successful the union leadership will issue a directive to its members on non-cooperation with the Department of Education’s programme of school self-evaluation.

The proposed action is a response to the continued ban on promotion in schools and the increasing workload of members.

“We have looked for an end to the ban on promotions that’s in place since 2009,” said Ms Nunan. “To date, the Department has not responded positively to this demand.”

She said the continued ban on promotions affects everyone in schools. “Unpromoted teachers are being denied opportunities for promotion, already promoted teachers are doing additional work because of the ban and most principals are trying to run a modern school without a full in-school management team.”

That’s why we want all members to support this action with a YES vote she said.  Ends.