Appointment Procedures

The appointment of teachers and principals must be conducted in line with Chapter 2 of Circular 0044/2019. The Department of Education has also issued Information Note 008/2022 (PDF) in relation to the timeframes for advertising and interviewing for the 2022/23 school year.

These appendices outline the procedures which must be followed by boards of management to appoint a teacher (temporary/fixed term over 24 weeks or permanent) or principal. They are designed to provide fair and impartial procedures for candidates.

It is important to note that there is no appeal mechanism for this procedure but any member who has a query or concern in relation to an appointment process should contact the INTO Head Office.

Section 30 of the Teaching Council Act, 2001 commenced on 28 January 2014. Section 30 makes it a requirement for teachers to be registered with the Teaching Council in order to be eligible to be paid salary by the State.

Since 29 April 2016, all persons being appointed to permanent teaching positions (including those being redeployed through the redeployment panels) must obtain an NVB Vetting Disclosure prior to commencing employment.

The most recent appointment/re-appointment form published by the DE can be found here:

Primary Teacher Appointment and Reappointment Form 2022/2023 (PDF)

Foirm um Cheapachán agus Athcheapachán Múinteoirí Bunscoile 2022/2023 (PDF)

It is important to note that an appointment/reappointment form is not a contract and is mainly for payroll purposes.

When a teacher accepts a permanent appointment in a primary school, the teacher thereby enters a contract with their future employer, the board of management of the school concerned. The contract is confirmed by the signing of a Form of Agreement. The Form of Agreement requires the teacher to give three months’ notice of intention to resign from the school or to pay three months’ salary to the board of management in lieu. It also requires the board of management to give three months’ notice of dismissal to the teacher or to pay three months’ salary in lieu. The Form of Agreement requires the teacher to abide by the Rules for National Schools.

Before signing such a form a teacher should read it and note its terms. The teacher should be given a signed copy of the form.

If any dispute arises concerning the terms of the contract during a teacher’s career s/he should immediately contact their CEC district representative or the INTO Head Office.

Form of Agreement (pdf)
Permanent Teachers

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