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How to Join

The following are eligible for admission to ordinary membership of the Organisation (Rule 75):

  • Qualified teachers serving under and in receipt of salary from An Roinn Oideachais. Qualified shall mean the completion of a full-time third level course of a period of not less than two years for those applicants for membership who complete their courses after September 30th, 1976.
  • Qualified teachers serving in schools and institutions recognised by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland.
  • Such other category or categories of teachers as may be defined by the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

Provision is also made in the Rules (Rule 76), subject to certain conditions, for the following categories of membership:

  • Teachers on courses;
  • Teachers on leave without pay or on career breaks;
  • Substitute teacher members;
  • Honorary members;
  • Student members;
  • Part-time teacher members; and
  • Associate members.
Career Break Membership (pdf, 119 kb)
Information Sheet
Substitute Membership (pdf, 137 kb)
Information Sheet

Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers can join the INTO via an online process (currently unavailable) or by downloading and completing an application form:

Substitute teachers are eligible for full INTO membership, however they pay a reduced subscription of €85 per school year. For those who qualified in 2015, 2016 and 2017 a reduced rate of €25 had been introduced.

A substitute teacher normally becomes a member of the branch to which the school in which s/he is teaching is attached. If s/he subsequently moves to teach in a school in another branch area, s/he retains membership of the original branch for the duration of the school year.

Alternatively, when joining, a substitute teacher can choose to become a member of the branch that covers the area where her/his residence is located.

An information sheet for substitute members is available below.

INTO Subscription - Salary Deduction for Substitute Teachers

The DES do not deduct INTO subscriptions from the salaries of teachers who are doing substitute work. If a teacher doing substitute work wishes to be a member of INTO they must pay their subscription directly to INTO. This membership runs from school year to school year or part thereof.

If for example a teacher in a permanent capacity resigns his/her job and then 10 years later gets a permanent, fixed-term or part-time position in a school, an INTO subscription will be deducted from his/her salary.

However, if a teacher in a permanent capacity resigns his/her job and then 10 years later goes back to do substitute work, a deduction will not be taken from salary and this teacher will not be a member of INTO unless they pay the yearly fee directly to INTO for substitute membership.

Permanent, fixed-term and regular part-time teachers

Teachers serving in a permanent or fixed-term capacity can join the INTO via an online process or by downloading and completing an application form:

 Teachers serving in a permanent or fixed-term capacity pay a fortnightly subscription of €13.35 which is deducted directly from salary. A teacher joining INTO for the first time in a permanent or fixed-term capacity will get the first three months of membership free before their subscription is deducted from salary.

INTO Subscription - Salary Deduction for Permanent, Fixed-Term or Part-Time Teachers

INTO members who are working in a permanent, fixed-term or regular part-time capacity will have their membership subscription deduction from their salary by the DES.

The membership application form for teachers in the above categories includes the following mandate to the DES… “ I hereby authorise the Department of Education and Skills to deduct from my salary, until further notice from INTO Head Office (see Rule 74) the appropriate subscription to be paid to the INTO on my behalf, the amount of subscription to be determined from time to time in accordance with INTO Rules”.

When a teacher joins the INTO in one of the above positions, the salary deduction instruction is set up. This mandate remains all through a teacher’s career and a deduction will be taken any time a salary is paid to that teacher unless instructions are received from the teacher to cancel INTO membership.

If the teacher goes on career break or stops teaching the deduction will not be taken from salary as no salary exists. This teacher’s membership will then be lapsed.

However, when that teacher returns to one of the above positions a salary deduction for INTO will restart, regardless of the length of time the teacher has been absent from teaching. 

Other Categories

Career Break Teachers

Career break membership (similar conditions apply to teachers on other categories of unpaid leave including APSO leave, extended unpaid maternity leave and unpaid sick leave).

Teachers on career break who have already been full members, may join a special category of INTO membership. The following conditions shall apply:

  • the subscription shall be at the rate of €30 per school year;
  • the teachers concerned shall register with Head Office and copies of InTouch shall be sent to an address specified by the teacher;
  • they shall remain members of their original branch;
  • where possible, they shall be entitled to the facilities which are available to ordinary members;
  • they shall have the right to attend and speak at branch meetings, but not to hold any office;
  • they shall not have the right to a vote at branch meetings, or in any INTO elections or ballots;
  • they shall be entitled to death grants.

If a teacher wishes to do substitute work while on career break, they must take out substitute membership in order to be covered while working in the school.

Teachers interested in availing of career break membership should download the form from our website and return it to the Membership Section, INTO Head Office, enclosing a cheque/postal order for €30.

An information sheet for career break members is available from the bottom of this page.

Job Sharing Teachers

The subscription rate for job sharers is €8.90 per fortnight.

Direct Debit/Direct Payment members

  • Members teaching 17 hours or over per week will pay €28.92 per month,
  • Members teaching 12 hours and over but under 17 hours per week will pay €19.28 per month,
  • Members teaching less than 12 hours per week will pay €14.46 per month.

Other Categories of Membership

Details of application procedures for other categories of membership are available on request from the Membership Section, INTO Head Office.