Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union

Who we are

 We are Comhar Linn, a modern member-driven financial co-operative owned by our members. We provide over 24,000 members with highly competitive rates, loans and savings services.

In summary:

  • We exist for teachers
  • Our members trust us
  • We are loyal to our members
  • Professional & personal service
  • Not for profit

Why Join?

So, why should you look to join Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union?

Comhar Linn exists for the sole purpose of serving INTO and RTAI members and their families on a not-for-profit basis, and that marks us out as being different to ‘traditional’ financial institutions.

  • We want to help you as much as we can
  • We are trustworthy and responsible
  • #1 objective is to be the best partner for loans and day-to-day banking

The benefits of joining Comhar Linn:

  • Current Account with debit card and overdraft available services
  • Flexible loans at competitive rates
  • Easy access to services by phone and online
  • Free life protection on savings and loans
  • No hidden charges

Ultimately, a credit union is set up by people for people with the expressed purpose of benefiting members, and Comhar Linn is no different. INTO/RTAI members achieve more together as a union than they could do apart, and the same is true when it comes to financial services. We are the place where teachers borrow. We exist for teachers. When you join Comhar Linn, you help us to continue helping teachers.

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