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New SEN Model Online Module


INTO Learning is offering a stand alone online module on Managing the transition to the new SEN model. This module seeks to support special education teachers and school principals in managing the transition to the new SEN module.

The module will be very detailed and comprehensive and will cover both technical and practical details of the new SEN model. It will:

  • provide an overview of learning support and resource provision heretofore
  • provide a detailed dissection of the new module – both the circular 13/2017 and the accompanying Guidelines for Primary Schools and how these will be applied in practice
  • provide a detailed briefing on the NEPS Continuum of Support and Student Support Files/Plans as referenced in the circular and the Guidelines
  • detail what has changed and what has remained the same with regard to special education needs provision
  • detail how schools can update their SEN Policy to encompass the new model
  • provide advice on communicating the new model to parents

A template for a new SEN school policy is included as are a sample Student Support File, a checklist for Selection Criteria and a Personal Pupil Plan checklist to support SNA applications.

The module costs €30. You can register and participate in the course at

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