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February 2017

NCSE Guidelines and Application Forms for 2017/2018

NCSE Guidelines and Application Forms for 2017/2018

The NCSE has published Guidelines and Application Forms for Primary Schools for the 2017/18 school year.

Schools do not need to submit applications for Low Incidence Teaching Hours Support to SENOs. 

Applications for access to SNA support for students should be submitted using  NCSE Form 1 or NCSE Form 1A, as appropriate. Guidelines and Applications forms for Special Schools will be available shortly.


Submission of Applications for Access to Special Needs Assistant Support (SNA) for 2017/18.


Key dates for the 2017/18 SNA allocations process 

17 February 2017:  Schools should submit the Leavers form, NCSE Form 5, to their SENO if they have not already done so.  The Leavers form should include students who are accessing LITH support and/or SNA support.

6 April 2017:  Deadline date for receipt of applications for access to SNA support.

June 2017:  Publication of SNA allocations on the NCSE website.

September 2017:  Schools to confirm to their local SENOs that students allocated access to SNA support are attending school using the Confirmation of Attendance form, NCSE Form 6.


All forms are available to download from


Key Dates for Existing & New Special Classes

27 February 2017:  Schools are asked to confirm in writing with their SENO if they will be opening a special class in September 2017.  Schools must have professional reports for students with a recommendation for special class placement.

15 March 2017: Schools to submit notification of enrolment of students in Special Classes using NCSE Form 7.  Schools also to submit school transport applications, where applicable, for students in special classes.

25 April 2017: Deadline date for receipt of application forms for school transport in order to meet the DES date for Transport applications i.e. 28 April 2017.

Date: Friday, 3 February 17