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February 2017

Teachers on half pay – INTO subscription change

Following three months on full pay while on sick leave, a teacher is entitled to three months on half pay (within a four year period). In some circumstances, a teacher will have a longer period on full or half pay if they can avail of the Critical Illness Protocol.


In circumstances where a teacher goes on half pay, the CEC has decided that this should be recognised through payment of a reduced INTO subscription. The subscription for a
teacher on half pay will be two thirds of the normal subscription, since full INTO services remain available to a teacher on half pay. This is consistent with the level of subscription paid by a member who is job-sharing.

The CEC has also decided that a threshold will operate, so that the reduced subscription will apply only where a teacher has a minimum of 10 school days on half pay in a given period.

The reduced subscription will operate by way of refund. A member affected should provide a copy of his/her salary slip to the INTO Membership Section, on the basis of which a refund will be arranged.


As notified in InTouch (September 2015), a member on Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (TRR) – which follows sick leave at half pay – is entitled to a refund of any membership subscription paid which is more than 0.8% of gross pay/TRR.

Any member who wishes to avail of the arrangement as outlined should contact the INTO Membership Section by emailing

Date: Wednesday, 8 February 17