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January 2017

Restoration of Qualification Allowance for teachers on post-February 2012 scale – Payroll Date 12 January 2017

Phase 1 of the restoration of the qualification allowance for teachers on the post-February 2012 pay scale under the Lansdowne Road Agreement took effect on 1 January 2017. Teachers are being paid today 12 January 2017 which is in respect of the payroll period 27 December 2016 to 9 January 2017. Therefore, in this pay cheque, teachers on the post-February 2012 pay scale will see the new salary rates reflected for 9 days i.e. 1 January to 9 January 2017. The pay cheque of 26 January 2017 will see the value of the revised points reflected for the full payroll period. The revised salary scales for these teachers from 1 January 2017 can be found in Circular 78/2016.


Date: Thursday, 12 January 17