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July 2017

Irish Congress of Trade Unions BDC 2017


Alison Gilliland (INTO Equality Officer)

Alison Gilliland (INTO Equality Officer)

Wed 5 July 2017

INTO Equality Officer and delegate to ICTU Biennial Conference, Alison Gilliland made a call for free universal public childcare funded through progressive taxation and greater investment prioritisation.

A public system would afford an appropriate career path, salary scale and pension provision for childcare workers unlike the precarious contracts experienced by many in the private provision sector. 

Free universal childcare would remove the enormous cost of childcare costs, often coupled with high rents or mortgages from the shoulders of working families. Too often childcare costs results in a parent, generally the mother, reducing her working hours or giving up work temporarily. Single mothers are particularly at risk of falling out of the workforce completely. Not only does this inhibit women's career path and advancement, contribute to the gender pay gap and future pension pay gap but it also deprives the state of income taxes - a real false economy. 

Initial and continued investment to fund public childcare would be returned through greater, more active worker participation and advancement, particularly of women, in the labour market, less worker stress and a quality professionalised childcare sector.

Date: Thursday, 6 July 17