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July 2017

Update on retrospective vetting

At the end of May approximately 5,500 teachers were issued with a notice to apply for vetting. This group, previously unvetted by the Council, included teachers with dates of birth in years ending in 2 and 3 e.g. 1952, 1962, 1972 and 1953, 1963 etc.

Circular 0016/2017  outlines statutory requirements for the retrospective vetting of teachers, non-teaching staff and others. 

Download FAQs on Circular 0016/2017

When contacted by the Teaching Council teachers are strongly advised to complete the vetting process promptly so that their registration with the Council can be renewed. Failure to maintain registration has consequences for payment of salary.

As previously advised the Teaching Council is contacting teachers in rotation about retrospective vetting. Teachers are advised to wait until contacted by the Teaching Council to apply for vetting unless a National Vetting Bureau disclosure is required for the purpose of changing school or employer such as subbing on career break, job-share, teacher exchange etc.

Date: Tuesday, 11 July 17