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June 2017

INTO expresses frustration at delays in allocating Special Needs Assistants to schools for next year

The INTO today strongly criticised the failure of the Department of Education and Skills to allocate SNAs to schools for next year. The union said such delays had an effect on real people with families and responsibilities and was an unnecessary headache for school leadership.

Sheila Nunan, INTO general secretary said schools needed to know staffing allocations for next year. “To date schools have heard nothing,” she said. “Schools need this information so that they can plan accordingly.”

“Many schools will close this week. All will be closed next week. As of now many SNAs don’t know of they will have a job next year. SNAs should know where they stand at this stage of the year. Parents do not know yet if their children with special needs will have someone to help them next year.”

Schools applied for these positions in March. Now because of this delay principal teachers face the task of advertising and interviewing for these positions during their holidays. 

The INTO called on the Department of Education and Skills to announce details of special needs staffing immediately. “Schools are entitled to know that this is a priority area for the Minister”, said Ms Nunan.

Date: Friday, 23 June 17