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June 2017

Teachers' Employment Terms and Conditions

The DES has published version 2 of its Web Book which updates and consolidates eleven areas of Terms and Conditions of Employment for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary schools as follows:

  • Requirement to Register with the Teaching Council
  • Statutory Annual Leave Public Holiday Entitlements
  • Sick Leave Scheme
  • Maternity Protection Entitlements
  • Paternity Leave Scheme
  • Adoptive Leave Entitlements
  • Career Break Scheme
  • Job Sharing Scheme
  • Carer’s Leave Scheme
  • Parental Leave Entitlements
  • Unpaid Leave

This document supersedes the previous version of the web book and Circulars on these matters.

The INTO welcomes the explicit provision for partial return to work in the sick leave scheme, which was the subject of a resolution at Congress 2015.

The INTO also welcomes the updated chapter on Carer’s leave, which improves the terms of this important leave scheme.  (see below)

The Chapter on annual leave entitlement has been consolidated from the maternity leave and sick leave circulars and is already in force. The INTO has objected to these terms, which are the subject of cases being supported by the INTO which are currently before the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Workplace Relations Commission. 

The web book can be accessed here.

Carer’s Leave Update:

The Carer’s Leave Circular has been updated with the publication of Terms and Conditions for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary schools (Edition 2)

In particular, the INTO welcomes the following changes which the union had sought:

  • that in emergency situations, a Board of Management may process an application and grant Carer’s Leave to a teacher pending DSP approval.
  • that a  teacher may engage in substitute teaching, other work outside teaching, undertake training or an education course, provided the aggregate hours of employment (including substitute teaching), training or education do not exceed the statutory weekly 15 hour limit and that the net earnings from all employment do not exceed the approved weekly limit set by the DSP (currently €332.50 net per week); and
  • that the payment of summer holiday pay following Carer’s Leave, will not be affected by the amount of Carer’s Leave taken by a teacher in a school year;

The Conditions of Employment Query Line1 is available to any teacher considering Carer’s Leave.


1 Please ensure you include your INTO membership number or teacher number in any correspondence

Date: Wednesday, 28 June 17