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March 2017

Procedure for schools wishing to appeal Special Education Teacher Allocation

INTO expresses concern about narrow grounds for appeal and lack of detail.

The National Council for Special Education has published the procedure for schools who wish to appeal the Special Education Teacher Allocations.

The INTO has expressed concern to the NCSE that schools are not in a position to make meaningful appeals where they do not have access to information about how their individual allocation was calculated. The union is also concerned that the very narrow grounds for appeal do not address the concerns that schools have about their allocations.

In addition, the document also sets out that there will be a further process where schools can seek a review of their allocation in exceptional or emergency circumstances but no details of this are provided. This is very unsatisfactory.

The INTO calls on Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Special Education  to immediately provide schools with the necessary information relevant to these processes, so that principals can effectively manage their special education provision for the coming schools year.


Appeals process:

Appeals form:


Date: Tuesday, 21 March 17