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March 2017

Election of INTO President 2017/2018

Meet the candidates

Branch nominations for the position of INTO President for 2017/2018 took place at INTO branch meetings in January.

Who can vote?

All INTO Members in the North and in the Republic of Ireland on 13 March 2017 are entitled to vote in this election.

Ballot time-frame

Ballot Papers issue by post to all Staff/School Representatives on Monday 27 March 2017 and must be returned to Mazars Auditors c/o INTO Head Office by 5pm on Wednesday 12 April 2017.

Eligibility to receive a ballot paper

The Register of eligible voters was finalised on 13 March 2017. Only teachers who were members of the Organisation on this date are eligible to vote in this ballot.

Ballots issuing to schools

The total number of ballot papers issued to each Staff Rep is recorded on the label of the envelope containing the ballot papers. These ballot papers are for INTO members working in a permanent or fixed-term (temporary) capacity in the school. Staff reps have been asked where possible to forward a ballot paper to any colleague absent temporarily from work e.g. on paid sick leave/paid maternity leave.

Ballots issuing to home addresses

The following members will receive ballots from Head Office to their home addresses:

Substitute teachers.

Members on career break who have taken out Career Break membership.

Teachers not currently paying an INTO subscription but who have advised the INTO membership section that they are on unpaid maternity leave/unpaid sick leave.

Teachers whose subscription has lapsed and where the reason (unpaid sick leave/unpaid maternity leave) has not been advised to the membership section, will not automatically receive a ballot paper from Head Office.

Teachers Ineligible to vote

Teachers who are not members of the INTO

Non-receipt of ballot papers

Schools/teachers that have not received ballot papers by Wednesday 5 April 2017, should inform Head Office at This communication should provide details of the query, name, contact tel. numbers, school roll number/DENI school reference [or INTO membership number beginning with I0 or N00]. Replacement ballot papers (stamped duplicate) may then be issued by post.

The deadline for seeking replacement /additional ballot papers from Head Office is 5 April 2017. Head Office will not cover the costs associated with courier services for the dispatch/collection of ballot papers that are requested too late for dispatch/return by post.

Confidentiality of ballot process and Authentication of Ballots

Each member receives a ballot paper and 2 envelopes. The completed ballot paper is enclosed in the small envelope marked Ballot Paper which is then placed in the larger outer envelope. Recorded on the outer envelope is the voter’s name, school name and school roll number/DENI school reference for the purposes of authenticating the ballot.

Bulk returns

Ballots may be returned in bulk from a school. If this is the case it is still essential that each member records the required details on their own outer envelope.


All members are encouraged to vote and return ballot papers in good time prior to the close of poll at 5pm on Wednesday 12 April 2017.

When will a result be announced?

A result will be declared following the count of votes on Thursday, 13 April 2017.


Date: Friday, 24 March 17