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May 2017

INTO backs call for early talks on pay recovery

The INTO today echoed a call by the Public Services Committee (PSC) of Congress for early talks on public service pay recovery following the publication of the report of the Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC), which said “there is a basis for the parties to enter into negotiations for a further collective agreement to extend the Lansdowne Road Agreement.”

The report concluded that there is now near-parity between average public service pay and private sector earnings, and that average public service earnings were currently 8% lower than in 2008. The report also argued that public service pensions were, on average, more valuable than the average available in the private sector, and that pay negotiations should address this in the context of the unwinding of FEMPI measures, including the Pension-Related Deduction, or so-called ‘pension levy.’

Sheila Nunan, general secretary of the INTO and vice chair of the PSC said the report provided a good summary of the sacrifices public servants made in the years following the economic crash. She said it was time to negotiate on accelerating pay recovery for members.

Ms Nunan said the INTO’s priorities in the talks were set by Congress 2017 in Belfast and included pay equality, the payment of benchmarking and the unwinding of FEMPI. She also said the INTO would focus on protecting the value of pensions.

“Negotiations,” she said, “would be an opportunity to repair the damage to salaries over the last number of years.”

Download here the Summary of  PSPC report.

Date: Tuesday, 9 May 17