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May 2017

CEC lifts directive on Droichead

The CEC has decided to lift, with immediate effect, the INTO directive which prohibited co-operation with Droichead, the route to full registration with the Teaching Council for newly-qualified teachers.

Last September, INTO undertook -  in the context of securing restoration of qualification allowance payments to post-2011 entrants to teaching - to take part in a process towards resolution of the dispute on Droichead. That process has involved a series of engagements which led to agreement at the Teaching Council to adopt, and subsequently to commence, a revised Droichead policy. 

The revised Droichead is fundamentally changed from the original version which INTO opposed. For example:

  • Probation has been replaced by a positive, supported induction system which will serve the interests of newly-qualified teachers and of our schools.
  • The Council has explicitly stated that Droichead is a non-evaluative process.
  • There are enhanced specific supports, including substitute cover for release time and for training for the Professional Support Team. 
  • Principal Teachers are not obliged to be part of the Professional Support Team.
  • There is a gradual introduction of the revised system, starting with schools of 24 teachers and more next school year, extending to 2020/2021 for all schools
  • The new version of Droichead takes account of the extension to initial teacher education and the extended periods of school placement.

On balance, it is the view of the CEC that the directive has served its purpose, in bringing about significant changes to Droichead. It is time to ensure that newly-qualified teachers and those in special education settings who have been awaiting resolution, have a pathway to full registration with the Teaching Council. 

The CEC at its meeting also discussed in detail INTO's approach to the forthcoming talks on public service pay which are the main focus in the weeks ahead. These talks will focus on achieving pay restoration for all teachers, pay equality and the payment of benchmarking. Updates will be posted on the INTO website as available during the talks.

In addition, discussions on how the Budget allocation of over €7million for the restoration of posts of responsibility from 1 September 2017 will be implemented must be completed.

Date: Friday, 12 May 17