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May 2017

Clarification from DES on Eligibility for Contracts of Indefinite Duration

At the request of the INTO, the Department of Education has issued a clarification in relation to the nature of the contracts required for eligibility for a Contract of Indefinite Duration (CID) under Circular 23/2015.

Where a teacher has commenced their third or further year of employment with the same employer, their eligibility for a CID will be considered by reference to the source of the contract in that third or later year. The source of the contract in the year prior to the CID being considered is irrelevant. (So, a teacher with continuous service of any nature for at least two years with the same employer, followed by a viable post with that employer for the coming year, may be eligible for their CID.)

The DES have committed to reviewing recent refusals for CID sanction in light of this clarification.

Date: Friday, 19 May 17