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May 2017

Pay talks: update for members (II)

The opening sessions of the talks have thus far been about among other things, pensions, outsourcing, working hours and rostering and each side setting out positions on these issues. This work also helps the independent Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) facilitators get a good understanding of the range and scope of the issues at hand, before detailed talks get underway.

Yesterday after a talks session on recruitment practices the WRC declared that smaller sectoral meetings were needed.

Time was also given to pension contributions. As predicted, the Government wants most public servants to pay more towards their pensions. This ended with the facilitators deciding to set up specific sessions on each of the complex and difficult issues involved.

There was also an exchange on working time. Unions made clear the issue of the ‘Croke Park hours’ wasn’t going away, notwithstanding the Minister’s statements on the matter. The process will return to this issue in the coming days.

There is a SIPTU conference today and a meeting of the IMPACT executive. INTO representatives will not be at talks today as these relate to gardai and defence forces only.

Date: Thursday, 25 May 17