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October 2017

Education Budget 2018

Some of the main features of Budget 2018 in education include:


€554 million increase in 2018


  • 1,280 new teaching posts in 2018. This includes:
    • 545 new teaching posts to cater for an estimated 8000 extra pupils in 2018
    • 305 posts to provide for a reduction in the primary staffing schedule from 27:1 to 26:1
    • 230 new teachers in special classes and special schools 
    • 100 new Special Education teachers
    • 100 teaching posts for guidance
  • 1,091 new Special Needs Assistants
  • 10 new NEPS psychologists.

School leadership

Budget 2018 will make €0.4 million available to fund additional release days for teaching principals in primary schools.

New initiatives

A further €5.5 million will be allocated to provide support for a range of new policy measures including implementation of the forthcoming foreign languages strategy, STEM education policy, digital learning strategy and the Creative Ireland initiative.

Tackling educational disadvantage

Further provision is being made to continue to tackle educational disadvantage.

Speech and Language

€2 million will be provided to initiate a pilot in-school speech and language therapy programme.

Gaeltacht education

Over €1million will also be allocated to continued implementation of the Policy on Gaeltacht Education.

Lansdowne Road Agreement

An additional €65 million will be provided under the extension to the Lansdowne Road Agreement in 2018.

Date: Tuesday, 10 October 17