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September 2017

Assault Leave Circular Published

Additional Leave Scheme to be piloted for two years

Following lengthy negotiations, it has been agreed between the DES, School Management Bodies and the Teacher Unions to put in place a scheme providing leave of absence following assault for teachers. This is separate from the illness leave scheme. Having an assault leave provision has been a demand of INTO Congress for a number of years. This scheme will be in place for an initial two years on a pilot basis.

Circular 61/2017 now published provides for:

  • A recording of incidents of assault.
  • Assault leave to be available where there is a medically certified physical injury requiring absence from work.
  • Provision for up to three months assault leave at full pay in a rolling four year period (with an extension to six months on full pay in exceptional circumstances).
  • Substitute cover for assault-related absences.
  • A teacher’s sick leave record not being affected by such absences.


How to Apply

An Application Form (attached at Appendix A of the Circular) must be completed by the teacher concerned and by the employer and forwarded by the employer to the Department/ETB within a week of the incident occurring.       

  • Circular 0061/2017 - Scheme for Leave of Absence following Assault for Registered Teachers in recognised Primary & Post-Primary Schools

See also:

  • Circular 0062/2017 - Scheme for Leave of Absence following Assault for Special Needs Assistants in recognised Primary & Post-Primary Schools

Date: Friday, 1 September 17