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September 2017

Statement from INTO Executive meeting

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) met today (Friday 22 September 2017) following acceptance by public service unions overall of the terms of the PSSA (Public Service Stability Agreement, 2018-2020). These terms include pay restoration, protection of pensions and processes to examine issues of particular concern to INTO including pay equality and implementation of an outstanding pay parity award to Principal Teachers.

The CEC noted in particular the commitment now made to commence the pay equality review next month. This is a significant advance on the PSSA provision. 

In a context where the PSSA has been accepted by a large majority of public service workers and where the review of pay equality issues will commence in October 2017, the CEC decided that it is in the best interest of members, and in particular of post-January 2011 entrants, that INTO participate and actively represent members in the reviews of both pay equality and of the outstanding Principals’ award. 

The INTO has progressed pay equality in two previous Agreements (HRA and LRA) and is determined to do so further in the context of the PSSA.

Date: Friday, 22 September 17