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September 2017

Fire Safety in Schools

The DES has announced the following in respect of fire safety in schools. The DES:

  • will appoint a fire safety expert to undertake a complete audit of all school buildings constructed by Western Building Systems (WBS).
  • will commission fire safety audits of a representative sample of up to 25 schools constructed over the last 20 years.
  • will contact representative Professional Associations to re-iterate the responsibilities of Design Teams to fully engage in a complete and comprehensive way with inspection and certification requirements
  • has also written to all Design Teams working on buildings currently under construction to remind them of responsibilities to ensure that all buildings comply with fire certificates awarded by the local authority
  • will also issue a new Circular to all schools bringing the attention of the school authorities to their obligations in relation to Fire Safety management protocols.
  • will, going forward, appoint a Clerk of Works to all future major building projects
  • will establish an internal fire safety committee in the DES.
  • will, from now on, immediately notify a BOM and the Fire Officer in the relevant Local Authority when the Department receives a fire audit report which demonstrates issues in a building regarding fire safety.

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Date: Wednesday, 27 September 17