Information webinar for members of Single (career average) Pension Scheme

  • 23 Jun 2020
  • Online
  • Organised by INTO


Teachers who began work since 1 January 2013 are members of the Single Pension Scheme. This scheme, across the public service, bases pensions on career average earnings. The Single Scheme was introduced to cut back on the costs to the State and it is clear that Single Scheme Pensions will be less valuable than the older “final salary” pensions.

INTO is hosting an information webinar and advice session for members of the Single Scheme. Our key message is the need for Single Scheme members to augment their pensions in order to guarantee better income in retirement. The earlier this is done in career the better, and the sooner tax advantages can be availed of.

INTO will be joined on the webinar by Cornmarket as qualified financial advisors. This session will focus on the Single Pension Scheme and is not intended as a session on pensions generally.

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