INTO Social Media Community Guidelines

INTO social media community guidelines

The INTO operates four social media channels, as part of our objective to inform and advocate for our members and provide a means for the expression of their collective voice on matters affecting the teaching profession.

We make every effort to ensure our social media channels are safe and informative places to view, share and comment upon content. To that end, anyone using our social media channels – Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram and Threads – are subject to our community guidelines. These require users to show courtesy and respect by ensuring posts are legal, non-discriminatory, do not have a commercial aim and are within commonly held boundaries of good taste.

By engaging on INTO social media channels, users agree to these conditions/guidelines and to avoid posting comments/content which contravene our conditions/guidelines. This applies to posts, including shared content, which:

  • Could reasonably be perceived as defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, demeaning, offensive, threatening, abusive or harassing
  • Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, political belief, disability, sexual orientation or age
  • Promotes or contains sexually explicit material or violence
  • Discloses sensitive, private or confidential information about another person or enterprise
  • Contains spam or is deceptive for a commercial, vexatious or illegal purpose
  • Constitutes commercial advertising or promotes a commercial purpose
  • Clearly breaches copyright or other intellectual property rights
  • Contains viruses or programs that could damage devices
  • Contains references to criminal or illegal activity
  • Breaches the terms of any of the social media platforms we use

The INTO will hide or delete comments and block if necessary, any user who does not follow these guidelines. We will also send any posts required by law – or in our view, that may break the law – to the authorities for investigation.

Should a member of the INTO wish to query any steps taken by the union to enforce this policy on our social media channels in respect of their account, they are invited to email and mark the email for the attention of the Communications Team.

We hope all users recognise the INTO’s responsibility to adopt such guidelines and for users to follow them.

The following community guidelines came into force in November 2021.