Annual Congress 2023

INTO Annual Congress is held at Easter and is the supreme governing body of the organisation. Union policy is determined by Annual Congress or by Special Congresses which are called from time-to-time. Under Rule 11, branches, districts, CEC, BFC and national committees are entitled to submit motions for consideration at Annual Congress.

INTO Annual Congress 2023 was held at the INEC, Killarney, on Monday, 10 April – Wednesday, 12 April.

Public and private resolutions from Congress 2023
To view resolutions from public and private motions from Congress 2023 click here. (member only)

Photo Gallery
To view a photo gallery from Congress, click here.

Upcoming deadlines

  • Delegate registrations close 5pm Friday, 10 March
  • Delegates must be nominated at their branch AGM
  • Delegates can only be registered by their branch secretary
  • Branch Secretaries can see their branch allocation on the INTO portal under, ‘number of conference places’
  • A delegate must be a member of the branch they will be representing at Congress
  • Each district has an allocation of three delegates
  • Committee members eg Education Committee, are automatically registered to Congress and do not need to be registered via district or branch allocations.

Queries about Congress 2023 should be emailed to

Please note, there is an archive of previous Congress documents on the Congress Extranet. All registered delegates will be sent a password by email.