Alcohol and Drug Misuse Policy Procedures (PDF)
This policy aims to help and support teachers who are experiencing problems as a result of alcohol or drug misuse and to assist those who demonstrate determination to deal with their problem and who cooperate fully with the relevant specialist agency.

Procedure for Teachers who Work with Visual Display Units and who wish to Apply for an Eyesight Screening Test (PDF)
Teachers who operate a VDU in connection with their work for 1 hour or more per day, are eligible to apply for an eyesight screening test.

Smoking Policy for Schools (PDF)
The Employing Authority is committed to the active promotion and ultimate achievement of the goal of a smoke free working environment for all its employees.

DE Circular 2014/25: Encouraging a Smoke-free and E-cigarette Free Environment in Schools (PDF)
This Circular encourages schools to extend the ban on smoking on school premises to include a ban on the use of e-cigarettes.

This INTO Guidance aims to assist you in the care of your voice; a teachers' key resource.

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