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Northern Conference Resolutions

Northern Conference 2013

Resolution 1

Conference condemns the delay in delivering SEN reforms.

Conference calls upon Northern Committee to:

(i) Urge DE to publish the policy document;

(ii) Work with all stakeholders to ensure the reforms are fit for

purpose and ensure that any changes to the SEN CoP are

properly resourced;

(iii) Seek to have addressed the urgent need for joint working

between the Department of Education and Department of Health

providing appropriate and adequate multi-disciplinary support for

pupils with SEN in mainstream and special schools (in light of

changes proposed in the review of statementing).


Resolution 2

Conference condemns the delay in publication of the area plans for

Special Schools.

Conference calls upon Northern Committee to seek to ensure through

consultation process that pupils with special educational needs have

access to local provision sufficient to meet their needs.


Northern Conference 2014


Conference notes the difficulties for teachers and the hardship for pupils who are the most vulnerable members of the school age population caused by the unwarranted delay of area planning for special schools.

Conference calls on the DE together with the relevant management bodies to accelerate the process of area planning in relation to schools for children with special educational needs.

Northern Conference 2015


Conference condemns the lack of progress in SEN provision & the uncertainty 
generated by current policy developed by DENI.

Conference calls upon Northern Committee to:

(i) Urge the DE to clarify to all stakeholders the current status & plans to resource 
strategic planning, SEN Review, plans for inclusion & joint working with other 
agencies e.g. health.

(ii) Seek information from the Public Health Agency about the Allied Health Professional Review in light of the 
interim report & assess the potential impact on the teacher/classroom.

(iii) Work with the ELBs & then the Education Authority to provide open and 
transparent detail about the impact of budget cuts to SEN education centrally and 
the cut to individual school budgets.

(iv) Seek assurances from DE that the high quality of provision provided in special 
schools is not reduced due to current policy.

(v) Seek a commitment to and timetable of works from the DE that resolves the issue of special school buildings being condemned and deemed 'unfit for 

Northern Conference 2016

Resolution 1

Conference notes with concern the increasing workload demands and stress relating to SEN in schools directly impacting on the teaching and learning in class and the emotional & physical wellbeing of teachers. Conference calls on Northern Committee to: (i) Work closely with the EA to ensure transparency of the statementing system and to ensure that the needs of pupils are identified where this has not been actioned due to limited allocated slots in relation to Ed Psych. (ii) Support SENCOs in assessing their time budget and the manageability of their role in supporting pupils with SEN. (iii) Undertake, with DE and EA, a detailed analysis of assaults in schools by pupils with SEN, considering the impact of limited resources and cost savings. (iv) Seek assurance that financing, support and resourcing for SEN will not be disproportionately impacted by budget cuts. (v) Seek from DE clarity and reassurance for teachers in Special Schools, Outreach Support and LSCs on the long awaited area planning for SEN provision in NI, not currently provided by the Review of SEN Provision, through a consultation which will ensure that the voice of all stakeholders can be heard.

Resolution 2

Conference notes with grave concern: (i) The year-on-year increase in the number of students with special, additional and/or behavioural needs. (ii) The inadequate levels of training and continuous support provided for SENCOs. (iii) The worrying amount of liability and responsibility for SENCOs in their continuous assessment of: (a) Support services for students with special, additional and/or behavioural needs. (b) Psychology services for students with special, additional and/or behavioural needs. Conference requires Northern Committee: (i) To survey SENCOs in order to establish their main areas of concern. (ii) To demand the highest standards of: (a) Training in SEN awareness and pedagogy for SENCOs, Principals and Senior Management. (b) Continuous support for SENCOs from The Education Authority and the Department of Education.