Note: This page was updated in April 2023.

For comprehensive details of the Secondment scheme, refer to Circular 29/2018.

Paragraph 5.3 d) of Circular 0029/2018 is further amended by the publication of Information Note TC 003/2023, as follows:

Secondments to Director of Education Support Centres are governed by Statutory Instruments created under Section 37 of the Education Act 1998, and any such Statutory Instruments in force will take precedence in matters relating to but not limited to:

  • Eligibility
  • Duration of secondment

Secondment provides an arrangement for an external organisation to meet a specialised human resource requirement through the temporary assignment of a teacher where that need cannot be effectively met through the normal appointment process. Secondment can also be an important element of a teacher’s continuing professional development. Secondments may also benefit schools and learners when the secondee returns to the school.

The Secondment Scheme is designed to facilitate the temporary assignment of a teacher to a position in a host organisation, where the work to be carried out by the seconded teacher is of clear benefit to the education system and/or is in the public interest. A secondment must be based on agreement between the teacher, the employee and the host organisation. Secondment arrangements are subject to Department or ETB approval.

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