Supervision Payment

Circular 33/2013 (PDF)
Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2016 (Haddington Road Agreement). Supervision Scheme in Primary Schools – June 2013

Compulsory Participation in the Supervision Scheme

Participation in the Supervision scheme has been compulsory for all teachers since the 2013/14 school year.

Change in Annual Hours Requirement

With effect from the beginning of the 2013/14 school year, each teacher is required to provide 43 hours supervision per annum. This will also include providing substitution cover for the absences referenced in the below paragraph (Usage of Supervision Hours).

Usage of Supervision Hours

Hours provided under the revised supervision scheme should, in addition to usage under the existing scheme, be used as follows:

With effect from the commencement of 2013/14 school year – to cover all uncertified sick leave absences, subject to appropriate alleviation measures in relation to multiple absences particularly in small schools.
With effect from the commencement of 2014/15 school year – to cover the first day of force majeure leave and illness in family leave.

Supervision Payments

The separate supervision allowance was discontinued with effect from the commencement of the 2013/14 school year.
A supervision payment of €1,592 is now included in scale salary. This was incorporated into the salary scale in two moieties– €796 on 01/09/2016 and €796 on 01/09/2017.