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The INTO's strength lies in our membership - the larger our membership the stronger we are in serving teachers and representing the views of the profession.  Our position of strength is contingent on the recruitment of new members into the organisation.

School Representatives are KEY to recruitment.

Direct recruiting of another member of staff is not always an easy task.  The following suggestions may help:

a)    Introduce yourself to new teachers.  Outline your role and explain that you are there to help and advise.

b)    Advise new teachers on the benefits of INTO membership and other conditions of service.

c)    New teachers should be advised of special meetings for new teachers.

d)    They should be given membership application forms to complete and sign.  The school representative should ensure that the forms are completed properly and forwarded to Northern Office without delay.

e)    New members should be invited to Branch Meetings and the procedures explained to them.

INTO for School Representatives - Guide to Recruitment (pdf, 716 kb)

Recruitment Promotion

CLICK HERE for details of our latest Recruitment Campaign



Every August we issue you with an INTO Recruitment Pack containing application forms and recruitment materials.  If required, additional materials are available for downloading below.

PLEASE APPROACH ALL new members of staff and invite them to join INTO

DON'T FORGET all NQTs get their first year of membership for FREE, all New Joiners get their first 3 months of membership for FREE and Substitute Teachers ONLY pay for the days they work!

CHECK OUT the new Student and NQT Sections on our website and use them as a recruitment tool.

Recruitment Pack 2018 (pdf, 54 kb)
Be The One Who Asks
Recruitment Pack 2018 (pdf, 488 kb)
10 Reasons To Be Part of INTO


General Application Form
(For Primary / Post-Primary / Controlled Grammar / Permanent / Temporary >1 yr / Substitute Teachers)

NB: Voluntary Grammar Teachers
Please email Northern Office to request an application form at

NQT Application Form
(1 years FREE membership immediately upon graduation)

Student Application
(FREE membership for duration of studies)