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  • I am seeking work in a primary school either as a substitute, temporary or permanent teacher. What should I include with the application form?

    With the application form you should enclose a copy of your Teaching Council registration certificate, a Garda vetting clearance certificate and copy of the statutory declaration in relation to child protection which is covered under Circular 63/2010.

    Given the current teacher employment difficulties, a number of recently qualified teachers are handing in CVs directly to schools. Any CVs handed in should have the three documents outlined above attached as well to minimise administrative issues for the school when employing teachers as substitutes.

    The INTO has also negotiated a facility under the Rules and Constitution of Boards of Management of Primary Schools whereby online applications can be facilitated by schools.

  • Is there a standard application form for teaching posts?

    The INTO, CPSMA, Church of Ireland Board of Education and the Department of Education and Skills reached agreement in relation to a standard application form for primary teaching posts. There are separate forms for a post as principal and a post as teacher.

    Schools may use the relevant form as an alternative to seeking a curriculum vitae and copies of the forms (both English and Irish versions) are available to download from the INTO website under the ‘school staffing’ section. The relevant form can also be uploaded to web-based advertisements for teaching posts.

  • How much service do I need for probation?

    At least 100 consecutive days in a single setting, or at least 100 days in separate settings in two periods of at least than 50 consecutive days each.

    In either case, you must teach the same cohort of pupils for the minimum block period. 

    You must be available for inspection on any day of the 50/100 day period

  • What teaching service is recognised towards service requirement for probation?
    • Service as a mainstream class teacher
    • Service as a special class teacher in a mainstream school
    • Service as a teacher in a special school
    • Service as a full-time resource teacher for low incidence disabilities
    • Service as a post-primary teacher in a Special Education Setting where the pupils are of post-primary school age and where second level certificate programmes are being taught
    • Service in a fee-charging primary school affiliated to the Irish Association of Independent Junior Schools.
  • What teaching service is not recognised towards the service requirement for probation?
    • Working on a voluntary basis in a school
    • Teaching service as an unqualified person (prior to the completion of a teacher education qualification)
    • Teaching service as a qualified post-primary teacher in a primary school (other than a Special School Setting where second level certificate programmes are being taught)
    • Part-time resource hours
    • Language support teaching
    • Service as a teacher in a post-primary school
    • Service as a Special Needs Assistant
    • Learning Support (LS/RT or LS) or mixed service as a resource teacher and learning support teacher
    • Service in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) settings not recognised by the DES
  • Who keeps a record of a teacher’s service?
    You must obtain written evidence of your service from all employing schools and submit it to the Teaching Council. (See ‘Form C’ on
  • If I am teaching in a teaching position recognised for probationary purposes and have not applied to Limerick Education Centre for inspection visits, can this time count towards the service requirement?

    Teachers who do not complete the OP1 Form as soon as their 50/100-day contract commences cannot be guaranteed an inspection visit within that timeframe. The Inspectorate will use the date on which LEC receives a completed OP1 form or the first date of employment, whichever is the later, when determining the 50/100-day period.

  • In what teaching positions can I undertake probation?

    As a general rule, employment in a permanent, temporary or substitute capacity in a mainstream classroom position is eligible, subject to the service time requirements.  The probationary process may be partially carried out in one of the following restricted roles:

    • special class teacher in a mainstream school;
    • teacher in a special school or hospital school; or
    • a full-time resource teacher of pupils with low-incidence disabilities.
  • What teaching positions are not recognised for probation?
    • Principal teachers/acting principal teachers
    • Learning Support/Resource Teachers (LS/RT) posts under the General Allocation Model
    • Support teacher
    • Teachers working in any teaching position in a voluntary capacity
    • Home-school community liaison (HSCL) teacher
    • Visiting teacher for the Hearing/Visually Impaired (VTHVI)
    • Language-support teacher (LS)
    • Teachers in pre-school settings in mainstream schools including Early Start
    • Part-time Resource Teacher (low-incidence disabilities)
  • When should I apply to the (LEC) for inspection visits using form OP1?

    As soon as you start service in a post that will last for at least 50 consecutive school days in a post recognised for probation.  The Inspectorate uses the date on which LEC receives a completed OP1 form or the first date of employment, whichever is the later, when determining the 50/100-day period.

  • Can I apply for probation as a full-time shared resource teaching post?

    Yes if it is a full-time resource teaching post.  This post may be shared between a number of schools, provided the teaching is resource teaching only. You cannot be probated in a combined resource/learning support role.

  • Can I apply for probation if employed on a part-time basis in a number of schools?
     No. You can only apply for probation if you’re teaching in a full-time resource teaching post.
  • Can I opt out of probation?

    No. Following registration with the Teaching Council, a teacher is conditionally registered subject to the completion of probation. Once conditionally registered with the Teaching Council, you have three years to satisfactorily complete probation.

  • Should I inform LEC each time I move school or roles in school?

    Yes. Teachers, who are employed in a substitute position for a period of 50 or 100 consecutive school days, should inform LEC if they move from one school to another. Teachers who have submitted an application for inspection visits should contact LEC immediately if their position changes.