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Education Act - Section 24.3

Revised procedures in relation to professional competence issues and general disciplinary matters

Section 24.3 of the Education Act, 1998 makes provision for procedures for the suspension or dismissal of teachers.  These procedures were agreed in 2009 and are contained in Circular 60/2009.

The procedures provide for 2 separate and independent strands:

  1. Procedures relating to competence issues
  2. Procedures relating to work, conduct and matters other than professional competence

These procedures are intended to comply with the general principles of natural justice.

INTO provides comprehensive advice (and representation where appropriate) to principals and teachers in relation to the procedures.  Members who are the subject of disciplinary procedures are advised to contact INTO to seek advice and representation.  Principal teachers  are also entitled to advice and support from INTO in implementing disciplinary procedures.

Updated September 2012