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Summer Works Scheme

The purpose of the Summer Works Scheme is to devolve funding to individual school authorities to undertake small-scale building works which, ideally, can be carried out during the summer months or at other times that avoid disrupting the operation of the school. Under the terms of the scheme, school authorities are empowered to manage these works with guidance from and minimal interaction with the Department.

Funding for small scale projects will be allocated in accordance with the prioritisation criteria attaching to the scheme which, in the normal course, include the ability to have the works carried out during the summer. The scheme announced in October 2015 will apply to both 2016 and 2017. Accordingly, a new call for proposals from schools will not be sought in respect of 2017.

Applications approved under Summer Works Scheme for 2016 and 2017

197 primary and post primary schools who made applications under Categories 1 & 2 (Gas and Electrical) were included in the first round of successful applicants who have been approved funding under the multi-annual Summer Works Scheme for 2016 and 2017. €30 million is now being allocated to this first round. All applicants were notified via the Department’s on-line Esinet Portal of the outcome of their application.
Under SWS 2016 and 2017, valid applications from schools that were not reached for funding reasons from within the funding made available in 2016 will qualify to be assessed for purposes of the funding available in 2017, subject to the overall availability of funding. If this arises, the terms and conditions of the scheme will continue to apply when allocating funding to such projects.

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