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ICT Grants

ICT Grants 2009

The Minister announced in November 2009 that every classroom in the country is to get a teaching laptop, software and digital projector over the next three years.

ICT Grants for Newly Built Classrooms

All new classrooms built in the 2008/2009 year received €5,000 per classroom for ICT which was paid in November 2009. It's hoped that this grant will be continued in 2010.

Note: This grant is applied automatically - schools do not need to apply for it.


ICT Grants - General Information

Under a number of ICT initiatives significant funding has been made available to schools. In all over €140 million has been expended on the promotion of ICT at first and second level education since 1998.

Grant Aid for Computer Networking

In June 2004 schools were invited to apply to the Department for a grant specifically targeted at the development of in-school computer networking. Grants were made on the basis of school size. Decisions on grant approval were made within the limitation of the funds available to the Department and based upon the relative needs and merits of individual proposals. Some €18.2m was provided in 2004 to 3,275 schools under this scheme. In 2005 a further 400 schools received some €1.7m.

The following information has been sourced through the NCTE website

Technology Integration Initiative

The National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE) is the agency of the Department of Education and Skills which is charged with implementing the Department's policy on ICT in teaching and learning in first and second level schools. Their website can be found at

Through the Technology Integration Initiative a series of grants have been issued to primary and second-level schools. These grants allow schools to effectively implement individual plans for integrating ICT into the curriculum based on the needs of their school. More information on this initiative can be found at