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Consent Forms

It is the practice in some schools, where children are allowed home for lunch during school time or where children are allowed to remain on the school premises at the end of the school day, to request parents to sign a consent form seeking to indemnify the school from any blame or liability which may occur during these times.

The INTO favours the use of such consent forms as they can be a valuable protection for the board/teachers. However, the INTO has been advised that such consent forms are not a guarantee that parents would not subsequently seek to hold the school/teacher responsible in the event of an accident. Neither do they provide an absolute guarantee of protection in the event of a claim.

Similarly, disclaimer notices (e.g. advising persons using school grounds/ property that they are doing so at their own risk) are a deterrent to claims being made against the board of management, but they do not guarantee protection in the event of a claim.

A sample consent form/authorization note is contained in Church & General's Guide to Insurance Safety and Security in the School.