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Outside School Hours

Use of Teachers' Own Cars

Liability incurred arising from the use of a teacher's own car is a matter for the individual teacher's own motor insurance and is not covered by the board's policy. (Teachers should check with their own insurance company to ensure that such usage is in compliance with their policy terms).

Any liability, which attaches to the board of management, in the event that a teacher's insurance should prove defective, is covered by the school policy. Most board of management policies can be extended to include damage to the teacher's vehicle not covered by her/his own insurance or, to cover the loss of a No Claims Bonus/Discount resulting from any accident.

Damage to a teacher's car while parked in the school grounds is a matter for the teacher's own insurance and is not covered by the board's policy.

Teachers who are insured under the Carplan Scheme administered by Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd are automatically covered for malicious damage to an insured car, whilst within the confines of the school premises and grounds.

Under the Carplan Scheme the first €30 of any one claim is borne by the claimant and there is no upper limit on the amount of claim. There is no premium penalty at renewal.