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Activities and Accomplishments

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The STSG runs a number of activities dealing with single living and has a significant list of accomplishments.


  • Personal experiences (female, male)
  • Gingerbread
  • Depression
  • Annulments (R.C.)
  • Rebuilding after separation
  • Addiction
  • Parenting Alone
  • Separated Person in Irish Society - the Roman Catholic Church view
  • Workshops update on Family Law
  • White paper on marital breakdown
  • Positive living
  • White paper on marital breakdown
  • Second relationships
  • Caring for myself
  • Loneliness
  • Self esteem
  • Louise Hay - Heal Your Life
  • Enneagram
  • Interior design
  • Shiatsu
  • Beginning experience
  • Personal growth
  • Taxation and pensions
  • AIM Family Services
  • Colour and image enhancement
  • Relaxation techniques
  • New Horizons - holidays for singles
  • Social activities list
  • Stress- friend or foe?
  • Update on divorce in Ireland
  • Impasse priority theory
  • Parental equality
  • Bereavement process
  • Employee Assistance Service


  • Has had motions heard in INTO
    Congress concerning Welfare Officer, pensions, child abuse, integration, inservice, occasional absences
  • Discussions with Telecom of problems such as obscene 'phone calls
  • Generated publicity to raise public awareness of separated on national and local radio, including RTE
  • Made submission to CEC for the provision of days off with pay to attend court hearings -one day now allowed
  • Newspaper coverage - provincial papers
  • Made submission to the Commission for the Status of Women
    Responded to the INTO Stress Survey
  • Examined and reported on the religious instruction programme of Roman Catholic Church for family bias
  • Communicated with the Dept of Education reference family stereotyping in text
  • Surveyed members - ref needs of separated teachers
  • Lobbied at all Congresses to raise awareness of the role of the STSG
  • Secured terms with a panel of solicitors experienced in Family Law
  • Submission on Welfare Officer to CEC
  • Submission on Pension to M Taylor Booklet
  • Employment Equality Legislation
  • Update on pensions
  • Salary and bereavement taxation allowance
  • Inservice module raising awareness of the needs of bereaved children in classrooms
  • Counteract prejudicial stereotyping of single parent family units
  • Brochures distributed to Education Centres
  • Brochures distributed to schools
    Children's library facilities extended.