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Head Office Salaries

The salaries of all INTO staff are related to Civil Service Grades. In the case of officials, routine salary claims, regrading and dates of implementation are determined by the CEC on the advice and recommendation of the staff salaries committee. This subcommittee is appointed annually by the CEC and it comprises the General Secretary, President, Vice President and four members of the CEC.

Minor claims, regrading and appointment of administrative staff are the administrative responsibility of the General Secretary. Any significant change to the salaries and conditions of INTO employees are considered in the context of employees contracts of employment and engagement with the relevant unions representing staff.

The following are the relevant linked Civil Service scales for salaries:

  • General Secretary: Assistant Secretary
  • General Treasurer: Principal Officer (Higher) plus 2.5%
  • Assistant General Secretaries: Assistant Principal Officer Higher grade plus 12.5%
  • Senior Officials: Assistant Principal Officer Grade + 6.5%
  • Officials: Higher Executive Officer grade plus 12.5%

Click on the links below for the Department of Finance Circulars which set out Civil Service salary scales.

  • Circular 18/2008: Revision of pay for Civil Servants Application of increases under section 27.17 of Towards 2016
  • Circular 28/2009: Revision of pay of Civil Servants Application of pay adjustments in accordance with the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (No. 2) Act, 2009
  • Circular 08/2017: Application of 1 April 2017 pay adjustments and related measures in accordance with the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act, 2015 and the Public Services Stability Agreement 2013-2018 (the Lansdowne Road Agreement).
  • Circular 22/2017: Application of 1 January 2018 Pay Adjustments and Related Measures
  • Circular 16/2018: Application of 1 October 2018 pay adjustments under the Public Service Pay and Pensions Act 2017

The salaries of the senior elected personnel - General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary/General Treasurer – were adjusted downwards to reflect changes under FEMPI legislation and the Haddington Road Agreement in 2013. These salaries continue to track related public service pay adjustments, including restorations provided for under Circulars 08/2017 and 22/2017 including restorations provided for under Circulars 08/2017, 22/2017 and 16/2018.


Northern Office

  • Northern Secretary: Civil Service Pay Spine Grade 6 Northern Ireland
  • Senior Official: Civil Service Pay Spine Grade 7 Northern Ireland