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Northern Office Salaries

The salaries of all Organisation staff are related to Civil Service Grades. In the case of officials, salary claims, regrading and dates of implementation are determined by the CEC on the advice and recommendation of the Staff Salaries Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee is appointed annually by the CEC and it comprises the General Secretary, President, Vice-President and four members of the CEC. Minor claims, regrading and appointment of secretarial staff are the administrative responsibility of the General Secretary. Major secretarial staff claims are determined by the CEC on the advice and recommendation of the General Secretary.

When necessary, the processing of claims by officials and staff may require the involvement of the Labour Relations Commission for adjudication or conciliation. On these occasions the interests of the Organisation are represented by the General Secretary, General Treasurer, President and members of the Staff Salaries Sub-Committee as appropriate. The appointed officials and staff are represented by officials of their trade union.

The salary of Organisation staff is determined by reference to Civil Service scales as follows:

Northern Office

Northern Secretary Civil Service Assistant Secretary Grade - NI
Senior Official Civil Service and Related Grades - NI
Trade Union Official Civil Service and Related Grades - NI

The point on the incremental scale to which officials are appointed is determined by examining previous relevant experience. In general, officials are given one incremental point for every 3 or 4 years teaching service. Other relevant experience is considered on its merits. The conditions of service and pension arrangements for officials are the same as for national teachers.